Based on a True Story

“Doctor Knoche: Keepers from Buena Vista” is an international film production (Venezuela-Belarus-Argentina), a fiction feature film that mixes genres of adventure and horror, an exciting story about a mysterious German doctor named Gottfried Knoche, who actually lived in Venezuela at the end of the 19th century.

His life experience and his obsession to preserve bodies from decay after death and his quest to find the secret of eternal life: when the unthinkable happens, what options will let him continue? How far would you be willing to go to be able to know the truth that life conceals behind death?

In this ambitious independent film, we are more than a passionate group of artists and audiovisual media professionals making our debut something extraordinary, unprecedented in the cinematographic industries of our countries.

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Art by Gabriel Figuera based on a Photo by Olya Liubimova

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Art by Gabriel Figuera

Dr. Knoche was one of the more mysterious and enigmatic characters related to the history of Venezuela. He dedicated his life in the search of a formula for an elixir of eternal life and he was also known for mummifying the corpses of politicians and other public figures famous at the time, of his relatives, and including his own. Кnoche was even named the Frankenstein of the Caribbean. This is an interpretation and film adaptation of this fascinating story.

It deserves to be told to the world!


Knoche - German doctor and medical scientist who settled in Venezuela. In order to save the life of his terminally ill daughter Anna, Knoche obsessively worked on finding the formula of eternal life, but, in spite of numerous experiments, he could only find the formula for the embalming fluid, with which the body could be mummified. Around this time, the son of his former colleague and old friend Joshua – a young biologist named Frank, came from Europe to his Hacienda Buena Vista, with the mission to fulfill his father’s last will and pass his diary to Knoche, where the second half of the composition of the secret formula was written...

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