The Makers Behind The Myth

Olya Liubimova


Studied Fine Arts in the Art School №1 of Minsk, Belarus (1996), Arquitecture (National Technical University of Belarus), 2003 and Photography: Artistic Photography (Bielorussian Art Academy, 2006) and Photography and Design (European University of Humanities, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2008). Currently residing in Venezuela, on the year 2017 was awarded a Diploma of Direction of Photography from the National Film School  (Escuela Nacional del Cine), Caracas, Venezuela.

After finishing her University studies, she began working both in architecture and photography. Has more than 15 years’ experience in both areas.

From the year 2003 until the present she has worked as an Architect in various architect bureaus such as Grechin Studio, Aposteori, Arcom Invest and different bielorussian and international companies: Hypercomm Development, Tores Proyect, BZS, Supernova Group ETL. She has realized numerous architectural projects, most of them concerning residential and public buildings, reconstruction of historic buildings, as well as interiors and urbanism. She has also been in charge of the coordination and supervision of projects and, afterwards, the supervision of the work of the whole Architecture Department.  In parallel to her work she improved upon her profesional habilities, attending  the course of Graphic Computing and Architectural Visualization (Bielorussian Academy of Arts, Belarus, 2009) from where she obtained her Diploma.

At the same time she was working in the area of Photography by collaborating with  various magazines, newspapers and web-sites, while at the same time developing her own projects. Her work as a profesional photographer is mainly in Belarus, Russia, Europe and Latin America. This work is equally shared between architecture, landscaping, reports, advertising, promotional photography for films and  the music industry. With regards to Landscape Photography one of her more important works has been the compilation of landscapes and documental travel in many countries in Europe, America, and Asia, which have been published in various books and calendars. As a music photographer she has worked with many bands and in the development of musical webpages. She has been invited on stage with many world-renowned rock bands. She has worked in various Rock Festivals as well, both in Europe and in Latin America, shooting and designing musical posters and CD covers for numerous bands. She has also acted as Director of Photography of commercials and promo videos for movies and TV. Since 2013 she works as Film Photographer for posters and promotional shots.

During the years 2012 - 2018 she acted as coordinator of the Advertising Department in Supernova ETL Group, C.A (Venezuela) where she developed and undertook different comercial projects, making  previsualization and general production for various industries and companies worldwide.

At the moment she works as General Producer of the films  “Doctor Knoche: Keepers of Buena Vista” and “The Witch of the Avila”, both in the development stage. He is in charge of organization and production of the movie, including the coordination of international collaboration and realization of all the aspects of the macro project. She is also the author of both the visual and photographic concept of the movie and of the architectural projects of the scenography sets. Thanks to her knowledge and unique experience she is capable of combining in her work both the organizational and creative parts. Her organizational capacity and high performance allow her to carry out this production in the best posible way, in the least time and with excellent quality.

Raul Bravo


Raúl Bravo has Universitary Degree in Law (1985) and Universitary Degree in Audiovisual Arts (1998) both issued by Universidad Catolica Andrés Bello (UCAB) in Venezuela. In 1990 obtained Juris Doctor Degree (PhD) from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain). Specialist in Copyright Law, Broadcasting Law and Cinematographic Law. He attended courses, seminars and wokshops in several filmmaking areas (Projects Development, Executive Production, Cinematographic Language, Script Writing, and others) in Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba and Spain. He is Film Producer graduated in 2010 by European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE). Founding Member and current Director of Venezuelan Cinematographic Producers Asociation (AVEPCA). Admitted in 2015 as Member of Cinema 23, organization in charge of the Fenix Awards Iberoamerican Cinematography. He lectured 12 years at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello, and 3 years at Escuela Nacional de Cine (Caracas). He worked as Manager of Legal Affairs at Centro Nacional Autònomo de Cinematografía (CNAC). In 2008, he created NORTESUR PRODUCCIONES, C.A.

Filmography as Producer:  http://www.imdb.com/name/nm5171069/?ref_=fn_al_nm_3

El Abrazo de la Serpiente (Embrace of the Serpent)

Director Ciro Guerra, 2015 (co-production Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina). Official Selection of La Quinzaine des Realizateurs, 68°, Cannes Films Festival 2015, winner of the Art Cinema Award 2015. Official Selection 46° GOA Festival of India 2015, where it was awarded the Golden Peacock prize. Official Selection 46° International Movie Festival of Mar del Plata, where it was awarded the Astor de Oro for best movie. Official Selection 37° International Festival of New Latin American Cinema of Habana 2015, where it was awarded the Coral Prize for best musical score and best Screenplay. Nominated by the Academy of Cinematographic Arts of the USA for the category of Best Foreign Language Film at the Oscar 2016.

El Silencio de las Moscas (The Silence of the Flies)

Director Eliezer Arias, 2013 (Venezuela). Official Selection IDFA 2013. Winner of Best Documental RDoc 2014. Official Selection of New Latinamerican Cinema of Habana 2014. Best Photography on the 5° Moscow International Documentary Film Festival. Special Jury Mention in 16° Havana Film Festival (New York). Honour Jury Mention on the 14º International Film Festival of Santa Cruz FENAVID. Special Mention "Jury des Jeunes Documentaire" on the 16° Latin Film Festival of Geneva (Switzerland). 

Edificio Royal (Royal Building)

Director Ivan Wild, 2013 (co-production Colombia, Venezuela, Francia). Official Selection of the New Latinamerican Cinema of Habana 2012. Nomination for Best Prime Opera in the Miami Film Festival 2013.

Presidentes de Latinoamérica (Latinamerican Presidents) TV Film Series

Director Pablo Santangelo (co-production Argentina, Venezuela). Broadcasted in 38 countries by CANAL ENCUENTRO (Argentina) and TELESUR (Venezuela). 

Blanca Sanoja


More than 30 years of experience in audiovisual field.  

Being very young she made an internship in Tiuna Films. Worked for RCTV in the Publicity Department. Afterwards, she worked in Channel 8 (VTV) as an Assistant taking part in the production of TV series and TV shows. She worked also in Channel 8 (VTV) where she had her first contacts with the film industry, making and producing two short films: “The Violin Player” (“El Violinista”) and “The Story of a House” (“Historia de una Casa”), both belonging to the TV series: “Leading Roads” (“Caminos que Andan”).

After finishing her University studies in the IUNP (1982), she begins to improve her english by signinig up in the CELC for International Students en Western Michigan University (WMU). Kalamazoo, Michigan. USA (1982).  The Mariscal de Ayacucho Foundation provides her a study grant. Applies to WMU and is accepted as a student of Business Administration, while at the same time taking extra classes in Communication Arts and Sciencies, all related to the audiovisual area, graduating with honours in the 1985.

Simultaneously with her studies she worked for the OTI and in the Los Angeles Olympic Games 1984; that same year she was awarded by the ADAAF membership as fully fledged Member of the AAF College Chapter in WMU (1984); she was also awarded by The Alpha Delta Sigma Honorary Society of the AAF, certification as a member in acknowledgement of her “highest level of achievement as a student”. Once her studies finished, she returns to Caracas and becomes part of the RCTV staff where she continues with her audiovisual carreer by way of participating in different TV series productions (Prime Time).

Later on, in search of new opportunities, she decides to work as freelancer. Thus, since the year 1997 to the present, she has undertaken different projects, all of them in the audiovisual field and most of them in the cinematographic area, among them she has produced a great number of commercials for cinema and TV, as well as documentaries, short and feature films. She has also collaborated as Local Producer (fixer) for some foreign companies such as: Televisión Española, Jumbolaya Productions Inc. (NY, USA), PAO Network Production (Japan), Satélite Films. Alastair Cook (London), Robert Barucci (NY, USA), Windfall Films Lonely Planet (London), Nunchaku (Argentina) among others.

From the year 2008 until 2014 she has worked as Delegate Producer of the CNAC, in parallel to her activities as Freelance Producer, accompanying in the process more tan fifteen projects in different modalities. During the year 2013-2014 she worked as Production Director on the second season of the TV Series “The Forerunner” (“La Precursora”) of Eduardo Gadea Pérez. From mid- 2015 to the present she has undertaken the assembly of projects and the advice of emerging talents.

Ana Piterbarg


Ana Piterbarg graduated from ENERC (INCAA) specializing in script writing. In 2008, her script "Everybody has a plan" won the Julio Alejandro Award from Buñuel Institute. This film, was widely distributed in many countries by Fox International, which stars by Viggo Mortensen, and was first internationally premiered at Toronto Film Festival (2012). In 2015, with Fernando Spiner she directs the series “The seven madmen and the Flamethrower” based on the novel of Roberto Arlt and broadcast by TVP. In 2017 was released her second feature film, a psycollogic thriller called “ALPTRAUM”


Gyula David

Director Of Photography

Gyula David studied Advanced Photography at Budapest Politechnic University (1971),  Colour Cinematography for TV in Magyar Television (1972)  and Underwater Cinemato-graphy at the MHS Sport Club of the Hungarian Army.  Rank Cintel – Kodak HDTV – New York SMPTI (1986), Cinematographic Script – Strasberg Institute – Caracas (1989), Master of Digital Cinematography in Caracas (2014)

Works as Independent Director of Photography since 1974.

Professor of Cinematography in Ecuador and Venezuela (UCV, USFQ, ENC, UMA) since 1999. Founder and President of the Venezuelan Society of Cinematography (SVC), Founder  and member of the Venezuelan Academy of Cinematographic Sciences. Former Director-Manager in Spectrosub, C.A. (1980-90) and Director-Manager in Fade In Productions, C.A. (1996-2006).

With 46 years of experience particularly in the field of commercial, publicity pieces as well as feature films and documentals.

His feauture films “Paquete #3” (“Package #3”), “Blindado” (“Armored”), “Bloques” (“Blocks”), “Territorio Extranjero” (“Foreign Territory”), “Tessis”  have been considered as reference works in the national film industry. 

His work in documentals include mostly pieces where nature has an important role, receiving awards in international festivals: “Bajo el Horizonte Azul” (“Under a Blue Horizon”), “Parques Nacionales Morrocoy” (“Morrocoy National Parks”), “El Botuto”, Serie “Expedición” (“Expedition”) and “EQUINOX” directed, written and filmed about the subject of indian mythology.

He has worked as Director of Photography with important directors and publicists, among which: Javier Mujica, Oscar Montauti, Franco Rubartelli, Nino Marty, Ricardo Matamoros Edie Flenner, Radames, Carlos Morcillo, Brian Welsh, Edy Weis, Enrique Aular, Hernan Habes, Salvador Bonet, Javier Blanco, Hector Barbosa, Braulo Rodriguez, Pepe Sohogun, Miguelangel Alonzo, Gilberto Pulido, Migelangel Tisera, Cerafin De Oliveira, Livio Quiroz, Hernan Jabes, Lídice Abreu, Alejandro Gamero, Aldrina Valenzuela, Alfredo Hueck, Jacobo Penso, Eduardo Pardo.

He has been responsable of the photography of more than 1800 commercials in 35 years for recognized companies: Toyota, Ford, Chevrolet, Fiat, Philips, Samsung, Macintoch, HP, Olivetti, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Polar, Bavaria, Regional, Brahman, Sony, LG, American Express, MC, Diners Club, Visa, Bco. Mercantil, Bco Industrial, Bco. Provincial, BVC, Banesco, Farmacias SAAS, Camay, LUX, Neutrogena, Palmolive, Colgate Avon, Pantene, Sedal, Gatorade,  Schwarzcopf, LÓreal,  Rolex Heinz, Maggie, Knorr, McDonalds, Wendys, AXN, Sony Chanel, MGM, HBO, Aruba, Curazao, Etc.

Has received numerous awards for best cinematography, among them: 9 ANDA prizes,  Edinburg Festival, Semana de Cine Experimental (Madrid, Spain), Latin Festival (Chicago), Independent Film Festival "2nd Shaan-E-AwadhInternational Film Festival", (Lucknow, Indiа). Нas received National Cinematography Prize as well as 2 Municipality prizes of Caracas.


Daniel Di Mauro

Script Writer

Grandson of the great Chilean poet Pablo de Rokha, son of the writers Laura de Rokha and Eduardo Di Mauro. Born in the city of Cordoba, Argentina, on November 12, 1953.

Member of the literary workshop “Sol Urbano” (1970 until 1975) during this period writes the following books: “Amamantando pájaros” (“Breastfeeding the Birds”), “Ni Siquiera Cuentos” (“Not even Folktales”) and “Las Mentiras del Diablo” (“The Devil’s Lies”). Some of these stories and poems also belong to this period, they have been edited by various publishing houses in Argentina, Peru and Venezuela.

In Valencia, in 1989, is elected as President of the Dramatists’ Association ASODRAMA, serving in this capacity until mid- 1991, during his tenure he undertook journeys of Dramatiziced Readings and Periodic Drama Workshops. To this period also belong the staging of the following pieces: “Los Abismos” (“The Abyss”), 1987; “El Cántico de las Sirenas” (“The Mermaid’s Song”), 1987; “El Andamio” (“The Scaffold”), 1988 and many others.

From mid 1991, works in the Dramaturgical Experimental Workshop “Zigurat”. In 1996, the Cultural Secretariat of Carabobo publishes his book: “Trapos” (“Rags”) which includes three theatrical pieces and a drama exercise. Then publishes “Titiriturgia para Juglares” (“Puppeteering for Jesters”), 1999 and “Voces Epagoménicas” (“Epagomenical Voices”), 2001; “La Psicovenganza de Doña Bárbara” (“The Psicorevenge of Dona Barbara”), 2004. In 2005 publishes: “Imaginerías para Retablos” (“Imagineries for Altarpieces”).

In 2006 writes two theater pieces: “La Ecorebeldía de la Diosa de Sorte” (“The Ecorebellion of the Godess of Sorte”) in 2 acts, based upon the legend of the Godess María Lionza and “La Colección del Peregrino” (“The Pilgrim’s Collection”), a “sordid tragedy” in 8 parts, inspired on the amazing life of Tirano Aguirre. Coordinates the dramaturgy of the TV Series “Sala 404” (“Room 404”) about the subjects of children in internment. Writes: “La Errotribulación de Luz Caraballo” (“The Mistaken Tribulations of Luz Caraballo”), based upon the poem by Andres Eloy Blanco and on the investigation carried in the venezuelan andes sponsored by Iberescena. In 2009, writes: “Luz de Buría” (“Buria’s Light”), about the famous black fighter and folk figure Miguel de Buría. In 2010, is awarded the Order Arturo Michelena single class, given by the Major’s Office of Valencia.

In 2011 writes the cinema script “Crónicas de crueldad” (“Chronicles of Cruelty”). In 2012 writes “Crónicas de Tacarigua” (“Chronicles of Tacarigua”), six stories for TV where sex and gastronomy are intermingled with every day politics. Between 2011 and 2013 organizes drama workshops sponsored by the Center for National Theater in Maracay, San Cristobal, Guanare and San Felipe. In 2013, is awarded the AVENCRIT Prize (Venezuelan Assoc of Theatrical Critics) a Best Venezuelan Dramaturgy of 2012 for his work: “La Colección del Peregrino” (“The Pilgrim’s Collection”).

In 2014-2015 writes the cinema script “Doctor Knoche: los muertos de Buena Vista” (“Doctor Knoche: Keepers of Buena Vista”), sharing an original idea together with Nestor Martinez and afterwards the novel based on it so as to develop the idea of an epic saga concerning this legendary character.