The Frankenstein in the Caribbean


“Doctor Knoche: Keepers of Buena Vista”, is a Venezuelan-Belarusian series of mystic thriller genre, devised by Néstor Martínez and written by Daniel Di Mauro, produced by the SUPERNOVA Production House ETL Group, C.A. (Venezuela) and Olya Liubimova, General Producer (Belarus) with the co-production and counseling of NORTESUR PRODUCCIONES, C.A. and Raúl Bravo (“The Embrace of the Serpent”, nominated for the 2016 Oscar Academy Award). The novel, written by the Argentinian-Venezuelan playwright Daniel Di Mauro (Argentina) is based on an original script of Néstor Martínez (Venezuela). It has been divided in 12 chapters and a “zero” episode.  

Most of the action takes place in La Guaira port and in the town of Galipán at the end of the 19th century and blends the adventures of very active secondary characters, like Amelia Weissmann, Alexander Liubimov, Fausto Julián, Jeremiah Gutiérrez among others, of whom there are spinoffs being written. The first season of the series comprises 12 interdependent episodes. The title of our series refers to a fiction and horror novel which will be published shortly and which tells the entire history of the scientist.

We are planning to extend the legend making a spin-off of the series, temporarily called “The Witch of the Ávila” with Amelia Weissmann, the Doctor’s nurse and confident, who survived Knoche to nearly 26 years after his death and whose self-exile was riddled with other legends, that accredited her with supernatural powers, as the keeper of her guardian’s legacy and, afterwards, of all the Ávila mountain, this story that also sets the background of the origin of the legion of witches in their fight to survive the siege of the “White Crows” clan, who want to plunge the world in darkness and chaos, and another one called “The Cronics of “Memento Mori” which talks about the adventures of Captain Alexander Liubimov, one of the most crucial characters in Dr. Knoche’s history.

The appearance of other Latin American legends will be done through “Doctor Knoche’s Mountain Chronicles”, suggested as the continuation of the series in a second season, since the historical perspective of the story triggers great anticipation and there’s a good amount of material linked to the mistery this old myth embraces, all of which are part of a bigger transmedia project known as “The Dark Mythology of the Caribbean”, which connects all the stories related with the horror and mystery folk tales of the Latin American communities. From Maria Lionza to Doctor Knoche, passing through the Whistler, the Sayona Damme, the Cart, the Tyrant Aguirre, among others.

We are considering for the role of Doctor Knoche, the American actor Viggo Mortensen, famous for his role as Aragorn in the epic film “The Lord of the Rings”.  This is currently in the conversation stage.

There are some Venezuelan actors of the standing of Juvel Vielma (“Taita Boves” and “Liberator”); Marcos Moreno (“The Longest Distance” and “The Blue Apple Tree”), who have confirmed their participation. The American actor Steve Wilcox, who has starred in "The Liberator", "The Zero Hour" "American Me", "Gang Related", "Sons of Anarchy", will play the role of Captain Alexander Liubimov. Belarusian actors have also expressed their desire to be part of the cast. Therefore, the role of Amelia Weissmann, the nurse and loyal assistant of Dr. Knoche, will be played by the beautiful and talented Anna Krysko, actress and singer.

Belarusian actors have also expressed their desire to be part of the cast. Therefore, the role of Amelia Weissmann, the nurse and loyal assistant of Dr. Knoche will be played by the talented Anna Krysko, actress and singer. In addition, some worldwide renowned actors are currently in negotiations to undertake some of the prominent roles of this film.

We are currently in the pre-production stage. We have designed and shaped along with the literary script and the screenplay; a teaser of the series; posters; promotional photographic sessions; conceptual art; set projects; technical documentation (timeline, technical script, shooting plan, etc.). The financial documentation (including the budget and the funding plan) is also under development. Photos and video sessions, interviews, rigorous historic investigations and visits to the original locations were conducted. Furthermore, the novel for this story is already written by the same scriptwriter, and it will soon be published as a book and in the format of a graphic novel, both in printed paper as well as in digital format. After two years of tireless work, of contributions from film industry profesionals from different nations and due to the significance of the story, we are drawn to film an international production, keeping its Caribbean atmosphere, especially portraying Venezuela as it was at the end of the 19th century.

In this moment we have put together a creative and technical team with great intention of occupying an important area in the history of Latin American film productions. We have selected the most talented and experienced profesionals in their areas. Blanca Sanoja, executive producer, with more than 25 years of experience, and her team, have a huge leadership which guarantees excellence; David Gyula (Hungary-Venezuela), photography director, known in Venezuela and in Europe, with more than 30 years of experience in this field; Matías Tikas, art director known in Venezuela, with many years of experience and expert in the area of historic period productions; Cape Grillet, talented costume designer  who worked in the movie “Liberator”; Gerardo Gouverneur, sound director with a remarkable film and television career. The soundtrack of the film will be performed by the Radio and Television Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus, conducted by Mikhail Finberg.